Opal helps your
team be connected

With our Patented Devices, Opal enables you to build a
connected workforce. Opal provides the data to help you stay
on time and on budget.

Opal helps your
team act smarter

With daily reports delivered straight to the right people,
your site managers can save the day before it even starts.

Opal helps your
team stay aware

Accidents happen. Opal makes sure you can deal with
emergencies effectively by knowing where your team
members are when accidents happen.

The right tool
for the job

The Opal System provides key insights that let your team work smarter, safer, and be more aware.

Emergencies Emergencies
Presence Presence
Headcount Headcount
Metrics Metrics

How it Works

Easy as 123

Beacons: Our devices are designed to never need charging, maintenance, or any other care. Place them on a wide range of Machines and Personal Protection Equipment.

See how it all works
Hiw Beacon

How it Works

Easy as 123

Envoys: Placed on-site, Envoys capture signals from Opal Beacons and send them straight to your Dashboard. Envoys are versatile and work on large sites and mobile units.

See how it all works
Hiw Envoys

How it Works

Easy as 123

Dashboard: Our powerful analytics tools partner with your experience to create Operational Improvement Opportunities. Get the data you need when you need it.

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Hiw Monitor


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